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There is one more technique for situations where you can see the target but can't see your sights. It uses a red LED flashlight with a push button rear activated switch like an Inova. The light is pointed at the ground not at the target and it illuminates your sights. This is great with a fiber optic front sight. The red light has the advantage of maintaining the shooters night vision. Generally it's best to move after every shot or burst. If your night vision has been destroyed by bright white light you have blinded yourself. The bright white light you are suggesting will wipe out the usefulness of tritium sights and blind the shooter for any other movement. There are situations where bright white light is useful but not in all situations for all shooters. Night vision is fragile and cannot be quickly regained in middle aged shooters. The use of white light would shift the advantage to your opponent if he is younger. The "Hennigan Technique" has worked beautifully in night combat competition and is well adapted for twilight, gloaming and moonlite defense. It is especially useful for middle aged shooters with fiber optic or tritium sights.
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