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Ahhh, DNS, don’t take yourself sooo … seriously! Let me tell you something, my friend, I didn’t learn to play these games yesterday. If this guy is living in a max. distance environment of 10 feet, then, he darn well better learn a thing or two about ECQB techniques. (Something you appear to be a little, ‘light’ on, right now.)

With regard to your comments on moving first? Well, I’m positive you’ve never been there (and back) or you’d have quickly learned better. It’s for exactly this reason that houses are breached by multiple in-line operators. The Israelis started it back in the 60’s; and the practice is, now, universal. Since you missed the point, let me say it again: In an enclosed environment, the guy who has to move is ALWAYS at a disadvantage – Period!

Greater minds than yours or mine have spent a whole lot of time figuring out what to do with guns and people in tightly confined spaces. The, ‘going horizontal’ technique originated with Sykes and Fairbairn; later on it was widely propagated by Applegate. Your comment about not being able to move quickly is, to be perfectly blunt, ridiculous. Tight spaces ain’t about moving quickly. (‘Why’ would you want to do that?)

Maybe compressing your target profile ain’t the best thing since bulletproof vests to you; but it sure as heck beats tossing a coin to decide which corner you’re going to be standing in when the room is breached! (Especially when you consider that the first and second men into the room are going to do, ‘opposite corner/blindside corner’ immediately upon entering.)

In small spaces, and in the dark, the usual keyboard commando stuff does not work well; but, hey, if I ever have to go up against somebody under these conditions, I sure hope he’s thinking like you because, then, he ain’t ever going to know what hit him!
'Things go wrong. The odds catch up. Probability is like gravity; and, you cannot negotiate with gravity. One other thing: God always has the last laugh. You need to remember that!'
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