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Hmmmm! I not sure I'd give up practicing at 7 yards. That's a minimal distance to keep you sharp with sighted fire. Do you include point shooting in your practice sessions? I think you should. Some key points about ECQB shooting:

Keep the weapon slightly forward of and tucked into your side. Place your, 'support hand' just below your heart and continue to touch your heart with that raised thumb. (Unless you have to do an arm sweep.) Keep your weight on your back foot as much as possible. If you must move, shuffle, and slide your lead foot slowly forward.

The best ECQB scenario is to remain still and force the other guy to come at you. There's an old rule that says, 'The one who has to move - loses!' Use cover whenever possible, but, try not to engage while standing in a door or hallway. (The narrow vertical sides help your opponent to line up his sights better.)

Remember to stand about a foot off the wall, too. Fairbairn's old book, 'Shooting To Live' is a great source of information on inside recreation techniques. (If you can find it!) I've always liked the part about going horizontal in order to minimize your target area - You know, like, lying across a bed or table while firing! Lastly, watch your breathing - You don't want to suddenly gasp (either in or out) if you're suddenly attacked.
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