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Thanks for starting this topic, black bear. When I first opened it, I was expecting another thread about the Harries technique, and only that technique. I have tried it many times, but just never could get comfortable with it. I have always used a variation of the Chapman technique, though I never knew there was actually a name for it. I like the way I have 3 or 4 fingers helping to support the gun, and more importantly, I can quickly separate my hands for dynamic movement. I feel that the harries method forces me into a locked shooting stance, and doesn't offer me near as much freedom to react when the targets and I are both moving quickly. Kinda like trying to stand in a perfect isosceles and focusing on the front sight with a moving target. It can be done, but requires you to force yourself to do it, and doesn't seem near as natural to me.

I've met several folks who insist on using the light to see their sights, but I don't. I use the silhouette of my sights against the brightly lit background. Or, I just point shoot, and have had pretty good success at close range.

I find that when I'm using a gun and light in conjunction, I NEED the light to do its job. I only use the light hand for lighting up things- if I remove the light, I am lost. After using it, I don't have any night vision, and if the light is not on my target, (which is usually moving) there just ain't no way I'm gonna hit it. I don't place as much emphasis on being able to use the light like a club. It's there for light only. If my gun didn't already take care of the problem, I use the gun as a club, and the one or two times I've actually had to use the light, I just punched with it. Things happened too quick to swing it like a baton anyway. I also find that when I have to open a door or something, I use the gun hand. Again, the Chapman technique makes it much easier to do stuff like this.
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