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Wrong again. I was in the military for many years, and was a good old hard working farmboy all through my youth. My muscle size is quite large, and my strength is very significant, and I rarely if ever lifted any weights. Now I may not be all chisled and cut like a pro body builder, but I'd be willing to bet that my brute strength and endurance are far superior to your average bodybuiding 'pose-boy'. And thats real life......

It's called genetics, everyones are differnt. For the majority of people they aren't going to get huge by mistake. Honestly, your reasoning and logic are really elementary. You take 1 example, yourself, and try to apply that to a broad spectrum of people which never works in any science including physiology.

Pose boy? LMAO-lets see Ronnie Coleman squats 800lbs for 4 reps, deadlifts 800 for 4 and does military presses with 160lb dumbells in each hand-what about you?

And by the way, I know plenty of personal trainers that have absolutely no clue what they are doing. Half the certs out there are a joke, the tests can be taken online and you basically have a worthless certificate. And the facts I posted are pretty common knowledge even in entry level fitness/nutrition education. The fact that you're questioning them shows how much experience you have in this area.
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