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I recently purchased 100 rounds of PMP (South African manufacture) ammo for a recently acquired rifle. This stuff is 130-grain soft point new ammo in the box. I am having some unique problems with it, however.

First, let me give you the specs on the gun:
Remington model 7400, caliber .270 Winchester. Previously had been fired a total of 10 rounds. Unit was clean, oiled, properly broken in, and chamber was spotless.

The problem was this: I load the mag, cycle the action, pull the trigger, gun goes bang; however, the case stays in the chamber! Instead of the round popping out, the chunk of case rim under the extractor broke off and the round stayed put. A very light tap with a cleaning rod popped the case out easily. I figured it was perhaps one bad case, so I stuck in another round. Same thing. This time, the case simply dropped out the chamber when I tilted the gun back. I finished the rest of the day with ten rounds of remington .270 and had no problems. (Got about 2" groups at 100 yards, no less!)

My questions are:
1. Anyone else have problems with PMP ammo?
2. Is this perhaps a problem with the rifle?
3. If I cannot get this rifle to digest the PMP ammo, anyone want to buy some cheap .270? : )

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