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Crime is gaining here also, and the police won't/can't do anything about it. I'm having troubles with the scum across the street, I either made a point a couple of weeks ago, or I set myself up, time will tell.

The scum around here are more on the law then I, and even with the registerguard printing the crimes that the DA won't go after, the TV and the "pipeline" of the transients have been boardcasting what they can, and can't get away with.

I've already have had to show my weapon with one, yet more and more are getting more and more brave. They are getting down right agressive.

The only thing that I can say is to allow any and all employees to be armed, and that a good "behind the shed" beating will spread the word that this is not a place you wish to wake up (sorry, but it's true).

As for getting broken into, the alarm company will call you no matter the time and ask if that is you, if you can get to the location, etc. Get a good shotgun and keep it in the trunk of your car.

Lights are good also, I have outside lights on the house. Great when you need to see what is going on.

Good luck to you, but look at who is allowing this BS... your city counsel and your state government (if your's is like mine).

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