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my wife's uncle works at sportsmens so he told me their margin is smaller than everywhere else but their turnover is great so that is how they make so much money. i was at the counter when a guy came in after buying a gun at a gunshow for a "special price" and the same gun he bought used was brand new on the wall for like $10 more, he was furious. so far i have bought 3 of my guns at the sportsmans warehouse in idaho falls in idaho, they have been great in letting me handle whatever i want before a purchase. once though all they had was the floor model and i asked if i could get some help on the price since it had been handled and dry fired and such, well they said they could take 5% off of the price which is the sales tax rate here in idaho so it was great and i got the same $10 gift card as mentioned before just to say "thanks" for my purchase! i plan on being a return customer at sporstmens.
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