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I'm gonna +1 with Russ and nnobby here. At 10ft in a confined space like your home, the attacker has the advantage. Especially if he surprises you. You could be Billy the Kid and still not outdraw a determined attacker coming at you from a distance of 10ft. He'll be on top of you before you have your hand on your holster.

Practice shooting at close distance but also practice movement and evasion techniques that will allow you to get to your weapon. At 10ft, you're almost guaranteed to have to make some kind of unarmed response to an attack before you can unholster your gun and fire at an attacker. Granted, if you're at home you may not have your gun holstered, but you'll still have to get to it before your attacker is on top of you. Alwyas be multi-dimensional in your approach to self-defense. Don't put it your eggs in one basket and only practice defense via your gun. Close distance encounters may be too close for you to react quick enough with your gun alone..

Add body alarm reaction to the scenario and now we go down a whole different road!..
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