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Black Bear, don't you think it would be more appropriate if you are trying to educate us with proper techniques that maybe you should not be violating any of the 4 rules of gun handling? You are obviously not shooting, so why is your finger on the trigger in two of the images?

The effort to share knowledge is appreciated, but I am sure you were not intending on sharing incorrect gun handling.

I take it that you are using a digital camera. Is that so? If so, then you should be able to take or retake pics until they are not blurry. That is the beauty of using a digital camera. You don't have to keep the pictures that don't come out right and you can retake pictures until you do get it right.

Your 3 light comparison is tough to judge as you didn't take all the pictures with the same size format. Either you were further away or used less zoom for the last image. I realize that you are trying to be consistent by illuminating the same room, but you don't actually get a consistent or comparable image. Either way, less zoom or further away over states the amount of light generated by including a greater portion of your image as the more highly reflective white ceiling. So more reflective area is visible, hence giving the impression the light is brighter. It may be brighter, but you haven't shown it with actually comparable images.
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