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I plan to get my CHL but was curious on the fact

Anyone know what is the proper way to carry your pistol to a place where your going shooting? I have a mid sized Suv and when I go shooting I have my pistol case and my magazines behind me in under the drivers seat.
With my plastic XD case closed and 2 magazines loaded in the magazine holding slots.

I can not access my pistol if I wanted to but do not know what would happen if I got stopped for a speeding or minor traffic violation.
And the officer noticed shooting acceriories in the backseat like shooting glasses, ear protectors, box of bullets in a shooting bag etc.?

When I do go shooting I travel a hour or so away from my house to shoot at the family range. Would this put myself in danger of the law? They used to consider travelling as leaving your county and crossing 3 others which I would fall into. Would leave the Houston area from 290 at Barker Cypress and travel west and the otherside of Burton Texas.
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