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Let's see...

PASGT helmet with desert cover
WileyX SG-1 goggles or ESS ICE sunglasses
Interceptor body armor with SAPI plates
Two field dressings
Two cravats
Lensatic compass
224 rounds of 5.56mm M855 ball/M856 tracer carried in eight 30-round magazines loaded with 28 rounds apiece in two Blackhawk STRIKE M4 double-mag pouches
IR strobe for signaling friendly aircraft
Garmin GPS V
Three liter Camelbak Thermobak
Gerber multi-tool
Surefire G2Z
M4 with TA31RCO-M4 ACOG, GG&G MAD BUIS, VTAC Mk1 sling, and Blackhawk buttstock mag pouch carrying one 20-round magazine loaded with 18 rounds of 5.56mm M855 ball/M856 tracer
M9 carried in Blackhawk CQR thigh holster with 45 rounds of 9mm M882 in factory magazines

Oh wait, did you want to know what I carry when I'm not in Iraq?

Surefire A2 Aviator

I rarely go anywhere but work and home, and concealed carry is banned on post.
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