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Well during the first few months of the deployment our roe's were really lenient, we pretty much had free rain. There at the end it started getting really ridiculous and dumb real fast. There are two different reasons that we would engage, that is if the person or persons were commiting a hostile act like for example inplacing an Ied, shooting at us, civilians, and other security forces. And then you have hostile acts for example you have a check point set up and the car you tell to halt keeps moving at you at a high rate of speed. They might be innocent but in split second moments like that it is better him than you and your buddies. Now in sadr-city we were allowed to fire on the women, they are as much of a threat as the men and the young kids for that matter. but they were commiting a hostile act by directing fire on our position. and she had hostile intent by wanting us dead, so we had all the permission we needed as far as the roe's went and even if we wouldn't been able too it would have happened. Everyone has different inturpritations of them and that is mine, which I guess i did all right cause i didn't go to jail!
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