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Walter, Thanks for your smart a** answer, you information was very helpful. I always thought that a person had to be at least 18 to post here.


I think you are on the right track. Because of the the confusion, at the time of the "blow up" and trying to remember what happened later, I forgot to mention that we found very small pieces of brass imbeded in the shooting bench.

You wrote, "...but they can be a result of a headspace/setback problem. Usually there will be other problems if this is the case..." What other problems should a person have looked for?

The gunsmith is a very reputable one from Wyoming, so I think we can probably rule out any problems in that area.

He was going to send the rifle, and the parts to Ruger, and I hope he remembers to tell me what they find out. With the information I have been able to gather, I agree with you, I think Ruger will find parts of the case missing

Thanks for your insight and input.

Semper Fi
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