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John Foley
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I was at the range, yesterday afternoon, when the guy on the bench next to me had his customized Ruger explode! It blew the magazine out, blew pieces of the scopes' front mounting ring my way, the firing pin dropped out, the bolt was blown back about an eight of an inch and jammed so tight it couldn't be moved, his custom laminated stock was split both fore and aft.

I was watching him when it was a sight to behold. He was lucky, he came out of it quite "shook up" but with only a slight cut on his forehead. I know him, from the range, and he is an experienced handloader. I don't remember what powder he was useing but he had told me that there was only 25 grains in the .223 case. I don't reload, for the .223, but by looking at the size of the case I doubt that he could have double charged it with out knowing it.

In all of my years, around firearms, I have never see one blow up. Anyone have any insight as to what may have happened?
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