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Fair's fair, so after giving my luke-warm comments about SW, several months ago, I have to report the following: I bought an electronic predator caller and some extra chips. Not quite $300.00, at the Albq SW. Took them out once and was not really impressed. I took them all back -- opened and used -- with little hope of getting a credit, much less a refund. WRONG! The clerk at the customer service counter asked me what was wrong with them and I was honest, "I just didn't like them or think they served my need", sez I... SURPRISE ... I got a full credit on my card.

Then the "gotcha"... The wife & I are walking around the store when the department manager seeks us out and hands me a $10 gift certificate "for my trouble". Heck, they didn't cause me any trouble -- I caused them trouble having to repackage the items (and I told him so)! He said he just wanted to be sure we were happy and to keep the certificate. You BETCHA!

THAT's how you keep customers! Always remember the Rule of 7 / 70!!!

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