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Guess I subscribe more to the "bug out truck" school of thought. Keep 22 pistol, usually SKS and about 500 22's and 100 or so 7.62x39. Have a large camping box just inside the garage which could be loaded in minutes....tent, Coleman lantern/stove, mre' need to address H2O situation, though.
First aid kit, Maglite(s). Always seems to be a change or two of weather appropriate clothing in the backseat.
I use this truck for mobile repair work, so there is an ample supply of duct tape, baling wire and other jury rigging supplies which always come in handy.
We live in a small town in southeast NE, about 40 miles south of Lincoln. My plan would be to bug out to a very good friends farm about 15 miles away. These plans would have to be adjusted according to the situation. I don't fear governmental collapse/anarchy, and the biggest threat here is probably a tornado. Fortunately, with tornados, the damage is not widespread enough to require a long range bugout, but it dosent hurt to have a plan in place.
I'm curious; I dont consider myself to be a very good christian, but think I'd want to add a bible to my bug out gear. Anyone else?
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