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<<I can hear the DA now, speaking to the Jury in the murder prosecution case:>>

Every round fired has to be justified by self defense. If there was still a threat, for whatever reason, then firing 500 rounds won't make a difference.

Just show the video recreation of the Miami shootout that I saw, and play it for the jury. One suspect was shot multiple times, but was still functioning.

<<I think that such a person is visualizing being "pinned down" by several gunmen, or having to shoot over his shoulder while running for cover, or any similar equally improbable scenario. Again, if it's because you cannot trust your gun, get a reliable semi-auto or switch to a revolver.>>

By your logic no one should bother to carry a weapon at all as it is vastly improbable that one would ever be needed. One might say that someone who carries a gun is looking for a gunfight. Improbable is not impossible. I hope improbability doesn't kill you.
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