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"Why do people live in such places?"

TShadow6, I had an interesting, but pathetic conversation last Fall with a guy who looked to be in his late fifties. He had just moved to Texas from Massachusetts and he came into the gun store and was looking at handguns. Then he asked the proprietor what he had to do to buy one. When he heard that all he had to do was show his Texas driver's license, pass the instant check, and hand over a credit card, he didn't believe the proprietor and I were telling him the truth. He was sure he had to get a license of some sort to buy one, not just to carry one concealed. He said he had to go talk to someone else about what we were telling him. He actually seemed to be terrified of what we were telling him. He left so he would not get in trouble, it appeared.

He was so cowed and intimidated by the People's Republic he had lived in all his life, he simply could not accept the fact that he was now free. It was very sad.

God Bless the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association!
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