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Can't go there

Several weeks ago the only "good" local gun store closed its doors to the public and now sells to LE only. (Remember that I am in Massachusetts - the state that GOAL calls 'worst state gun laws' in the land - and used guns are limited to those that were registered in-state as of 1998, or new guns that are on the short 'State Approved' list).

I read about a new gun store in town and was anxious to see if they had a few items on my "want list". I found the location, a busy side street half a block off of Main Street, and found a parking space a short walk from the store front. As I was about to open the door, I read the sign on the door with lettering an inch high reading "NO LOADED GUNS ALLOWED INSIDE", or wording very similar to that.

So now I am standing on the sidewalk wondering what the heck to do about this? There is way to much foot traffic around me to even consider trying to unload, and I thought about going back to my car and unloading, but pedestrian traffic would present the same problem. (Again, this is Massachusetts, and I do not want to be another "Joseph Landers ".

Then I thought "why should I treat this store any different than I would any other?", do they think I am going to drive 20 miles back home, take off my gun, and drive 20 miles back again to be able to shop in their store? I don't have to do that at my bank, or any other gun store that I have been to in Massachusetts. If they don't want my gun in their store, and/or cannot provide for unloading compliance after entry, then to heck with them!

Is this normal in other parts of the country? Am I being penny-wise and pound-foolish? (the next nearest LGS is about fifty miles away). Your thoughts and opinions always welcome.
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