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Tried a variation on this recipe today, got some poor results. Used the 115 grain Rainier over 4.0 grains of W231, seated at 1.168. Accuracy was adequate, recoil and report both on the mild side. Experienced numerous stovepipes and failures of the slide to lock back on an empty mag. I used my Springfield XD and a CZ 75B as a test bed for the rounds. I also experienced almost lethargic ejection from both pistols. The Springfield is kind of ammo picky and I really wasn't expecting a lot, but my CZ usually runs like a Swiss watch and I was surprised by the lacklustre performance it put on. The max load for a 114 grain lead bullet is 4.3 grains of W231, I'll try and bump up a little from the four grains that I was using.
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