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.223 WSSM Black Shadow

I collect and shoot just about anything my budget allows. I'm up to 60+ and counting, inculing handguns and shotguns. I currently have 3 Winchesters. #1: 1897 .16 Gauge- 1921 MFG
#2: M-70 .264 Win Mag- 1965 Mfg
#3: M-70 .223 WSSM Black Shadow

Even with that stubby little cartridge and pencil thin barrel my BS keeps up with my .222's in accuracy and functions like a Swiss watch. I personely think the most over-priced firearms in America are the Pre-64 M-70's. Think my next new rifle will probably be another Winchester, most likely a M-94 in .25-35. They wouldn't put that name on it if it wer'nt damned near perfect.
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