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the press

hey if ya gonna shoot pistols just popping off rounds get a progressive or turret press like ammomaster rcbs or the dillon 650 at like 1500 rnds a hour but if you want to puch holes out at 100 yards and 5 inch groups and tighter at 500 then you need a single stage press the rock chucker or the orange crusher fire form cases and run you bullet out about .003-.005 from rifleings with long heavy low pressure rounds and make sure twist rate is right for the weight ....hand trikkle powders and reload a perfect bullet every time ... if it takes me 2 hours to reload 100 bullet that i can take out a black bird at 200+yards with or a coyote at 800 yards it's worth it .. if you reload to save money go cheap get a ammomaster or cheaper lee pro 1000 complete kit of popular rounds for just 133.16 and that every thing you need but dies n lube/cases n powder n primers

or lee load master $220 .. all i am saying is this i am not going to pay $1000+ to turn out factory grade ammo or surplus grade moreless when wolf sells but cheaper than dirt but i will pay good money for a single stage press that will perduce bench rest bullets...
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