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Well i could give you the long drawn out story of what happend that day, but i will give you the main points. Some of it, some people might not believe it but I can promise you that it did happen , and how i wish It didn't happen. Imagine the following, the main points.

1- 500 of muqtada al-sadr malitia
2- a 6 hour fire fight that neevr stoped.
3- Running out of ammo
4- The 5.56 you are firing won't stop a man for crap.
5- we fired so many rounds that our bolts would not open.
6- one destroyed m1 abrams
7- one destroyed m2 bradly
8 Your best friend shot in the face by an enemy sniper, and bleeding to death in your arms.
9- another one of your buddies shot through the jaw and comming out the back of his neck. Who did live.
10- The thought that you aren't gonna live to see your newborn daughter, and wife.
11-molitove cocktails
12- women calling for fire on you and your teams position.
13- a little boy that tries to kill you but he is too small to hold the weapon up.

Well i guess you get the idea. the main reason i will never forget is because of the death of my main man. Who's name I will not disclose. I am sorry i got on such a rant but once you start it is hard to stop. I appreciate your wanting to know. I want everyone to know that they can ask me anything at anytime and I will be more than happy to answer. But don't ask me about killing anything. Thanks
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I will Never Forget 16 Aug 2004, Sadr city Iraq
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