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Lets see, nope, dont move to the Coastal South; Hurricanes
no to the Mid Atlantic, same thing
no to the North East, they have those 'perfect storms' in the winter
no to California, New Mexico, AZ, they have earthquakes, huge fires and stuff
no to the Mid West, thats tornado alley
no to the North West, they have earthquakes, fires, and volcanos
no to the northern mid west. the chance of a Mega volcano is too great, and it snows like hell there.
don't forget, the chance is about even for that huge comet or astroid that is gonna wipe out the earth
no to any where along a river, floods and whatnot
no to the great lakes, they have huge storms, and floods

gee, I guess there is no place to be safe around here..........

NO, WAIT, we can move to DisneyWorld. Everything is perfect there, and if it is not, you can SUE. Hmmmmmmmmm now does'nt that sound like the world view of most Americans these days?
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