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In today's mail I recieved the new #52 edition of the Brownell's catalog. OOOOOOH! AAAAAAH! I"m starting to drool.

I've noticed that we get a number of threads about "where can I get this?", "can you compare X part to Z part?" etc. Well this is the book for you.
40 pages of parts and tools just for 1911 type pistols, almost as many for ARs, M1s and M1As, 130 pages of factory replacement parts, any and every kind of gun tool you can imagine.
Rifle, shotgun, handgun, parts, tools, accessories, you name it, they got it.
OK, this is sounding like a commercial and no I don't work for them. But, I've been doing business with Brownell's for many years and have never been dissatisfied.
If you are a hobby gunsmith or just like to tinker a little, you really should get a catalog.
BTW: they also have a tech support service with some really good people to help with all your questions, even if you just want some advice.

Check 'em out at
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