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Without getting to metaphysical, I want to say that shooting well on the move involves practicing shooting on the move. A person has to loosen the training restraints he has recieved and just shoot. You cannot shoot on the move from an Isoceles stance, or a Weaver stance. I practice shooting on the move frequently, and am pretty fair at it. On a good day I can reliably hit two paper plates at about 15-20 feet while moving. On a bad day I can scare those plates pretty badly. Nobody can shoot as well on the move as they can stationary. You have to accept this in yourself. Sight alignment and shooting with a flash sight picture should be second nature. You should be using a gun that comes to sights naturally for you. Then it is all trigger control. Being able to control that trigger and drop the hammer before your movement takes your gun off target is the key. This is why I prefer a 1911 to other guns; you just have less chance for error with trigger control. For me, using a DA revolver on the move is much more difficult. Shooting on the move is like taking a jump shot vs a free throw in basketball. You have to be in the groove, confident, and willing to take the shot. It also helps to have the practice under your belt.
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Mr. Turnipseed's pages look interesting. I'm thinking about a different kind of shooting, I think.

Lasersights? If you can'y hold a front sight on target, how are you going to hold a laser on target?
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