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Also cans of tuna?? think of carbs, protein, and fat. I am thinking Rice=carbs, Tuna=protein, Fat=peanut butter. Also honey for sugar energy. All of these items keep a long time.
That is why the MRE is the better choice then packing all of that. The MRE was formulated to take all this into account, hence why the main course and the crackers, peanut butter, cookies/fruit is very high in all of these things.

Next time in an Army surplus, pick one up and read what it has, especially the calaries. This is not diet food but energy food.

Don't buy from them (Army surplus), they go for around $5 plus per. Go through Cheaperthandirt or some other site like that.

And, from eating so many of them while in the military, they don't taste that bad to me, some are actually great .

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