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Bravo 25

I got a good deal on a Alice Back Pack with Frame [email protected] $32 dollars.
Excellent idea with the siphon pump Bravo. I will just cut about 5' of hose though and not worry about the pump. What kind of food is good to pack? I am thinking 3 days tops. Those lipton rice packs seem like a good idea. Also cans of tuna?? think of carbs, protein, and fat. I am thinking Rice=carbs, Tuna=protein, Fat=peanut butter. Also honey for sugar energy. All of these items keep a long time.
But I am thinking about 3 days of survival on hand in the pack. It is easy to go overboard. For home cache I have heard of this:
50lbs of rice per person, 10 lbs of beans per person, and 25 lbs of honey per person. 6mnths of canned fruits and veges. Spices: salt, pepper, cooking oil.
Also the most important survival tool--- Your Brain---If SHTF big time then a library of books would be good. I have some Foxfire books. Does anyone know of any good survival books?
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