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The army does spend alot of money on these weapons, but as you know money can't always buy happiness. They are great rifles when the are first issued right out of the box from the remington factory. But all of the stuff that we are issued is hand me down stuff or weapons that have been used pass there aloted amount. Like the heavy barrels of our m24 sws are supposed to be changed every 5,000 rds, yeah right that has way past. It is hard to explain but if you could see the stuff we were actually issued you would understand. The bore in our remington is horrible looking and pitted all to heck. The scopes can't hold a zero because they have been banged each and everyway under the sun.
A brand new Remington 700 pss is what I have for personal use, the weapon system is awesome and i love everything about it. And I would much rather have it if my life depended on it than the army issued one. Next time we go out to a range i will see if i can't get some pictures of it and all it's un glory.
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