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shooting on the move

Go to and Order the video. It will demonstrate shooting on the move. You will not learn shooting on the move from simply watching the video. One thing depicted is a middle aged woman accurately shooting an MP5 submachine while walking - she was trained in proper skeletal alignment and this was her first handling of a submachine gun.

I have studied and trained under KT for years and do shoot on the move. Success is a function of skeletal alignment.

In one instance, I saw a 17 year old trained. He had never shot a shotgun. He wore size 15 shoes, so you have an idea of his size. At the end of 4 hours, he was able to do the following with an 870 pump shotgun:

1. walking in from 25 yards without stopping and firing from the hip with slugs, hit alternative vertical angle iron used to hold targets;

2. with the 870 shoulder-mounted, walk and shoot called color balloons from a released helium filled pod of various colored balloons.

After taking a number of classes, and with permission, I shot a DCM meet 100 yard standing leg while walking and people were amazed. In the real world, you want to be moving while shooting instead of standing like a stationary target.

KT lives in Chandler, Az and teaches classes in Los Angeles and Phoenix.
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