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Check the laws, but an carrying ASP seems like a good idea. Then you can “discourage” someone without really injuring them.
We carried batons within my prison in Iraq because firearms were not allowed in the cell block or in the yard where the bathrooms are. We had to go through some training prior to their use. They gave us a chart with green, yellow, and red areas. Green was injure, yellow was seriously injure, and red was a kill zone. There was no white "discourage" zone. Every serious swing at someone with a baton is going to break bones at the least and rupture vital organs at the worst. And our batons were wood, not metal like an ASP.

Slateman, ya did good. Nice to know that chivalry isn't dead, at least in your neighborhood. However, in Junior's neighborhood... well, I doubt it's a neighborhood, more likely a bunker in the forest anyway, judging from some of his other posts.

BTW Junior, part of the point of the T&T forum is to share events that happened to you, what you did in response, and how it turned out so others can learn from them. It is not to rip on people for defending themselves or for protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. If you have nothing constructive to add, then don't add anything.
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