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Alpineman and Tinkcanting<

Thank you guys for the appreciation of my post.

John in Jax,
I agree 100 % on what you say, specially about the tunnel vision.
I use the magnific Crimsom Trace Laser grips in my .45 and in my .38 Chief Special. It make so easy to shoot at night with them.
I can even shoot from the hip and have complete vision and command of the situation as I use a very powerful light with extraordinaries blinding capabilities (951 lumens)

Here is my .45 Gov't with the laser grip, together with the MAG 951 lumens and the Black Bear 678 lumens.

You have asked my opinion on Home Defense carbines and shotguns with a laser, I LOVE THEM!!!
My house is next to a large woods and I need to control from my windows a field of fire of about 60 yards. This a pistol alone will not do, for that reason I have some long guns with laser and light under the barrel.
The lights are TACM III with remote pressure pad, and the laser also have a remote switch.

I even have a .22 mounted that way to take care of some raccoons that sometime show up at night to fight my dog.

Here is a picture of my Mossberg shotgun and Mini 14 with laser and lights and also the .22.

And two months ago I got me an AK and I also converted it into a night figther gun

Some toys to play with them at night.

Best regards
black bear
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