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Another brass cleaning question ? Any metallurgists among us ?

Hi guys,

I have been doing a little experimentation with different ways to clean up brass.

I have used corn cob, walnut, wet ceramic, several commercial brass cleaning products, mineral spirits, NuFinish (and others) car wax, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and other such widely mentioned methods. I have avoided any method that involves abrasive etching of the brass or ammonia.

I have found a couple of methods that work like gangbusters.

One, cleans the brass in a wet solution by soaking for about a minute or so. That works for me, since waiting a couple of hours (or more) for clean brass isn't high on my list.

This method works very well, but I have noticed a couple of test cases that come out with a slight amount of pink staining on the case. 99% of the cases in a batch don't show the same effect.

Can one of you metallurgy guru's tell me why one or two cases in a batch come out with the pink staining ? Is this indicative of the brass being weakened ? Evidence of corrosion of another sort ? Something to worry about ? Is the copper or zinc being leeched out by the solution ?

When I get this all figured out, I'll post my findings. Not a huge issue to some folks, I know, but maybe it can save some of us old guys a few bucks, or help a newbie get started on the cheap.

Thanks in advance for the feedback...
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