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Hi All,

I originally posted this elsewhere but in retrospect, this forum seems more appropriate.

Anybody help or point me in the right direction to find info for a complete take down for a Browning Citori? I have the Special Trap Edition and have noticed a buildup up oxidation (just can't bring myself to say the "R" word) in a few of those hard to reach places.

I make it a practice of keeping my guns well cleaned and lubed so I am really down on my self about this. I have been thinking about putting a few coats of tung oil on the unprotected areas of the stock and forearm and it looks like I'll be doing it sooner than I thought.

Since I generally shoot trap with the Citori 3 time a week I gotta be sure it is in tip-top condition. Can't afford to buy a new one if this one should fail. I also hate to wait for someone else to do it "when they can get around to it".



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