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Ah! Probably a good policy. Sounds more like a suggested starting load reduction than a mandated minimum, though. I just wondered why it was at odds with Hodgdon's own loading data? I looked at the linked loading data you posted and it doesn't show minimums. Shame on them.

I would guess a 10% reduction isn't going to stick a bullet, but you’ve provided a good heads-up to watch out for the problem. I've noticed both H110 and, especially, W-W296, at the recommended loads are nowhere near SAMMI maximum pressures. That's probably why they can get away with posting one charge recommendation for all case brands and all bullet brands of the same weight. I would, however, hesitate to use those charge weights with sintered metal bullets or other bullets that were low density and extra long for their weight. That’s too much case volume reduction to be safe.


Edit: Ok, I just read the linked warning. It's more than a suggestion. Funny about their own loading data disobeying it?
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