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Rob Pincus
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Mea Culpa... Excellent point...

I will, for what it's worth, point out the following:

The officer with the K-9 is wearing throat protection (the edge can be seen under the collar of his uniform).

The student on the phone was in a scenario where he was not being engaged with any projectile weapon, it is a standard run that we do for the CCW holders to reflect an unarmed intruder in the home and the best way to handle it (ie- stand by and call the police if you can, not just shoot because the law says you "can").

I am the goof with the bite sleeve and no throat protection with the officer. No good excuse for that except to admit that that picture was a staged recreation of actual training and I goofed the set-up.

Thanks for reading the magazine and your feedback on the article..
I will pay more attention to the pics accompanying the next one!
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