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44 mag and 357 mag HELP

Hello guys,
My brother in law and myself are getting into reloading for the first time. I did it a long time ago with my grandpa and my dad but this is the first time flying solo. I reloaded 44 mag with Hercules bullseye powder and a Speer 240 gain JHP. I used 9 grains of powder just what the book says to use. I took it out to the desert and it felt like a 44 special rd not a 44 mag. The same thing happened with the 357 ammo. I followed the reloading books perfectly and both the ammo I reloaded felt way under powered. What could be causing this?

I am not looking to reload hot loads just factory style loads. If you have any suggestions on powder type powder weight and bullet weight I would appreciate it.

Just a note I am very careful about measurements and following the booklets. I do not want any accidents. Suggestions would be great for some one who is starting out.

Thank you
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