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Thanks for the advice everyone.
I am nearly anal about cleaning. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Actually I find it a nice “meditative” practice. I also enjoy polishing boots to a “shave in the toe” spit shine. Helps clam the soul and adds a feeling of closure to a day at the range. You know “Be the bullet” and all. It is sort of a religious ritual.
Anyway, on the advise from another (hiss!!! Completive message forum) I decided to check the gap on the extractor.
I field striped the G21 and placed a round under the extractor on the breach face. There is a good 1/32 of an inch between the rim of the round and the extractor notch face (i.e. a gap of 1/32 “ between the round rim and extractor) Or, if I were to pull the round forward until the “front” of the rim is resting on the extractor lip, there is a 1/32 of an inch gap between the back of the round (rim) and the breach face. Now, the round is held into place by the edge of the extractor pushing on the edge of the rim (the flat part of the extractor between the “lip” and the post that engages the safety plunger [the inside long part of a “squared “C”) pushing against the outside edge of the round’s rim. Thus, the round IS held into place, even if I shake the slide. If I do not retract the firing pin, I can not slip a round between the breach face and the extractor.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to verbalize a visual image? I only hope my description will not be nearly as difficult to decipher.

On the advice above, I went ahead an ordered a new extractor and extractor depressor plunger spring. I will certainly keep you posted with my results.
If you have any further suggestions, feel free. I’m only up to about $20.00 w/ shipping. Well under a trip to the armorer. We’ll see if it works.

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