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GLV, Yes I bought the gun new. Yes, I’m sure all the parts are new/correct (unless Glock made a mistake at the factory). I usually fill the 10 round magazines (of which I own two, but have tried a couple of others from rental guns). Both of my new mags display the same problem. The brass usually hits me in the face (no, I shouldn’t say all, but it does fling at pretty far left and back over my right shoulder) I shoot a modified Weaver stance (being right hand left eye dominant). The brass looks O.K. there was a slight “cut” in the brass rim, where the ejector was running over the rim when the round was being fed. It was a pretty sharp and deep cut. But, I haven’t noticed it lately. I just figured the gun needed to be “broken in”. I’m not against the idea of having an armorer check the gun. I’m just hoping to learn how I can fix it, so I don’t HAVE to run to an armorer every time the gun malfunctions. I think I may try a different spring and maybe an extractor. Maybe, I’ll also try a new extractor depressor plunger spring. BTW, it’s not the money (o.k. there are limits to that), it’s the experience I hope to gain. I KNOW I can ALWAYS have it professionally looked at. I just want to try and do it myself.

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