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I’ve got a G21 that is not ejecting the spent case after firing. The spent case is being partly pushed back into the chamber ahead of the new round. The following round is not even leaving the magazine. This is a relatively new, stock gun. I’ve put maybe 800-900 rounds through it. The malfunctions have happened with several magazines, and all types of factory FMJ and JHP ammo from American Eagle to Triton +P rounds. I have had other people shoot it, which only produced the error twice, and changed my grip to every conceivable combination. I’ve tried the “death grip”, sand bag, cupped, wrap around, etc. I, being the primary shooter, have had the most jams. It will usually shoot fine for four or five rounds and jam on the six or seventh. When cleared, sometimes I can finish the magazine, and sometimes it will immediately jam again. I simply don’t know what else to try.
Now here’s the rub, I simply DON’T feel comfortable sending the gun back to Glock. YES, I understand this is the “right” thing to do. I also understand that many people have done this in the past without incident. I simply don’t want to do it. I am mechanically inclined enough to replace the parts I may need to replace, and I’m not overly concerned about voiding the warrantee (If you feel the need to flame me on this, do what you must). I understand all the implications. I simply want so advice from those out there who may have experienced this problem and may be able to give me a couple of things to try. IF, the cost of these possibilities becomes too high, or I simply can’t remedy the situation myself, I PROMISE, I will take it to a qualified gunsmith. For now, I just want some constructive advice and a chance to LEARN about the functioning of my weapon. That may be the key; this is primarily a LEARNING experience.

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