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Good on you!

LAH--Glad yr off the tobacco products. They cost $$ and do evil things to yr body.

I don't think anyone should use 'em--but on the other hand I believe that everybody should have a right to make that choice for themself.

Me, I got into smoking in HS a little; smoked extensively my first couple of yrs of college; then my grandfather died of cancer of the roof of his mouth and back of his tongue--he'd smoked a pipe for 40+ years. Decided then that I was a poor genetic risk, and quit.

I have one exception: I'll smoke anybody's "It's a boy/girl!" cigar. Haven't been offered one, though, in 35 yrs that I can recall.

Seems to me that gunpowder smoke, be it blackpowder, or smokeless, is much more healthful. So I make that kind of smoke regularly!
God Bless America

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