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Sizing Die adjustment:
The sizing die should typically be screwed into the press until it just misses touching the shell plate/holder when the press is raised to its full max travel.

Belling Die adjustment:
The belling die should typically be screwed into the press until it just flares the case enough to start the bullet into case by hand.

The basic steps in my first post will work if you follow them carefully. No disrespect is intended but are you new to reloading? Your problems indicate a lack of knowledge/experience. Getting an experienced reloader to help you adjust the dies and trouble shoot your reloading process can save you lots of headaches if you are a beginner.

Good shooting and be safe.

ps: Also recommend buying one or more good reloading books, ABC's of Reloading, or one of the reloading manuals with good section on basics of reloading.

pps: Are you using correct diameter bullets? Check your components against a good reloading manual to be sure they are correct. Your results would be similar if you were using bullets a few thousandths undersize.
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