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Originally Posted by LHB1
ps: Ex 1 & 2 appear to be OVER crimped (seat/crimp die body screwed too far into press) and Ex 3 appears to be seated WAY too deep (seat stem screwed into die too far; failure to perform step 2 correctly?).
Ex 3 has been affectionately named stubby. It was the first of the three that i hung on to and was when we realized the seating stem needed to be backed way out.

One and two were perplexing us. It looks like they got crimped (too much), and _then_ the seating die pushed the bullet down into the case. Both of them have a line imprinted into the tip of the bullet (it's pretty clearly visible in the middle one, just above halfway down the copper jacket).

Originally Posted by LHB1
pps: Were those cases SIZED and BELLED before seating the bullet?
Well, they went through the sizing/depriming and belling dies...but they could both be about as well adjusted. The case does get a reasonable flare on it, but it's possible the sizing isn't working 100% because if the crimp is light, you can push the round into the case by tapping it on the desk. Should we expect these crimps to be as firm as factory?

Round two coming up tonight.
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