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James K
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All you need do with a S&W revolver in the way of lubrication is:

1. Make sure gun is not loaded.
2. With cylinder closed, cock hammer.
3. Drop 4-5 drops of oil into the space ahead of the hammer.
4. Drop 3-4 drops of oil into the space ahead of the trigger (bottom of frame)
5. Uncock hammer and open cylinder, push back extractor, drop 2 drops of oil on extractor shaft, working back and forth.
6. Drop 2-3 drops of oil on ratchet.
7. Drop 1 drop of oil in end of ejector rod.

That's it - a couple of minutes.

As for leading, that is another problem. FWIW, I think the best lead remover for revolver barrels and cylinders is the old Lewis lead remover. There are all kinds of chemicals and even an (expensive) electronic gadget. Most of these are fine, although some of the chemical cleaners are pretty useless and ones with ammonia can really wreck nickel plate if it can get at the copper undercladding.

Again FWIW, I use G96 Gun Treatment, which cleans and leaves a protective film.


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