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Zekewolf: "You only crimp enough to remove the bell."

RIGHT! With straight walled pistol cases that headspace on the rim, ie 9mm and 45 ACP, the taper crimp only needs to remove the bell. The bullet is actually held tightly in the case by the sizing operation which sizes the case smaller than the bullet. This is why you must bell the case mouth to seat the bullet and then must remove the bell by taper crimping.

Also note that in Step 2 the seating stem MUST be backed off and NOT touch the bullet at all. Failure to do so will cause problems in the final adjustment of die. Step 3 readjusts the seating stem correctly.

Good shooting and be safe.

ps: Ex 1 & 2 appear to be OVER crimped (seat/crimp die body screwed too far into press) and Ex 3 appears to be seated WAY too deep (seat stem screwed into die too far; failure to perform step 2 correctly?).

pps: Were those cases SIZED and BELLED before seating the bullet? Looks to me like maybe those steps were skipped. For proper seating and crimping, cases MUST be sized (even if new cases are used) and belled BEFORE seating bullet and crimping case. Failure to do so will typically give results like your examples.

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