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Thanks for the input Nick and Smokey Joe!

I am going to relook into the Redding dies. Hopefully I can find a source that ships it into Canada. I am going to check Cabelas right now

The Forster Bonanza Co-ax press I never heard of it to be honest. I wonder where I can get that and how much is it

You'll want a neck-sizer die also--after the cases are fire-formed in yr bolt-action, you neck-size them, not FL size them, and they fit the chamber of the rifle better that way. Translates into greater accuracy.
Oh I see well then I am going to have to get a neck sizer. Lee Collet neck-sizing dies ok I will look into them

You all have been really great help so far and all the help I have been getting is great so anything else would be greatly appercated

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