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James K
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Wow! You asked for information and several people have responded. You reject all reasonable replies, insult the responders, and appear determined to "prove" in some way that that piece of s**t is some rare and exotic gun, probably hoping to sell it to some sucker and make a lot of money.

At best it is an interesting product of primitive manufacturing (in the literal meaning of the word); it has some collector interest, but is worth, maybe, $150 on a good day.

No, I am not fluent in all languages, but I can read several and know enough of many others, including several Cyrillic alphabet languages, to be virtually certain that that marking says nothing in any of them. I beg leave to doubt the opinions of someone so ignorant of gun making that he believed hand stamping was used in factories 50 years ago.

As to racism, you are simply wrong. You seem to assume that being able to work metal is the same as being able to read; many fine craftsmen, even today, cannot read or write.

In Darra and other places, the markings were not in Arabic because they were attempts to copy the markings on the original guns. I have several "Darra" products, and all the markings are imitations of the regular markings.

If you are so sure that the markings have meaning, I can only suggest that you find speakers of languages that use the Cyrillic alphabet and show them the photos. If necessary, you can send photos of the markings to the embassies of countries that use those languages; they are usually willing to help researchers. If someone does understand and translate them, I will stand corrected and apologize. But I won't hold my breath.

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