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Those markings are gibberish,
Really? I didn't know you were fluent in what is odviously Cyrilic based languages, all of them.
apparently from a batch of individual hand stamps, some of them apparently broken.
Um do you know what that particular alphabet looks like? How do you know if the stamps were broken, were you there when they were stamping the gun? And need I point out that the gun is over 50 years old and some wear is to be expected.
It was common practice in Darra and other centers of primitive gun making to mark the guns with something that looked like factory markings.Do you have a source for this claim?
Since both the gun maker and his customers were illiterate in any language,
Whoa that is so racist it hurts, all of my Pakistani friends can actually read and write, probably at least three lanaguages, more then me any way. And more importantly craftsman usually are at least literate as far as they need to be to function in thier craft, and more importantly Why would the markings not be in Arabic or some dirivative there of? Why Russian?
any thing would do.

Okay, even if they could not read, you apparently assume that these markings are there to be pretty, I'm fairly sure that they meant something to someone.
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