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Originally Posted by LHB1
AND THEN adjust die body by screwing it in (trial and error) until you get just the crimp you want
Originally Posted by Hornady Instruction Manual
At the completion of each stroke, inspect the cartridge for the proper crimp.
Sorry, did a quick round through some manuals and found that i get stuck at this part.

What is the 'proper crimp' for the 9mm? I certainly know an improper one

(He does have clean brass, btw, we just didn't feel like wasting them on this exercise

Do i just go for 'not moving around in the case'? In the two crimps on the left, the brass is actually pressed into, and slightly deforms the bullet. The flare is completely gone from the expanding die, it's just that pesky massively deformed case that makes me think this is way wrong too.

I'm going to take another stab at following these steps today, hopefully with some better results. Thanks again everybody!!!
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